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Tubular Aluminum Lugs

Tubular Aluminum Lugs

Tubular lugs are widely used in power transmission, distribution and other purposes. The top part is fixed to the device and the cable core connects the two sides of the lug at the bottom.

Tubular aluminum lugs are made of aluminum, they have a very good strength, and they are generally used to connect cable through a water pipe or break it if it is twisted.

Tubular aluminum lugs are made of solid steel and its largest diameter is 1/2" and an OD (Outside Diameter) of 5/8". These lugs are available in a variety of toughnesss and sizes. As tubular lugs are used to connect cables to appliances, their use requires special handling due to their size and weight.

Tubular aluminium lugs are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes using different surface treatment processes that enable you to make custom bends as needed. When bent, these fittings will twist slightly and require great attention to avoiding any physical damage that could occur during installation. These fittings are then secured with equally sized nuts and bolts to insure proper torque at each point of connection.