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Infra Red Sensors

Infra Red Sensors

Infrared (IR) sensors are sensors that detect infrared radiation. This is different from visible light where the sensor detects electromagnetic radiation between 300–700 nanometers.

Infrared sensors are digital, analog and hybrid sensors that can be used to sense environments and take action based on the measured data. Unlike ultrasonic and capacitive sensors, infrared sensors do not create electrical pulses – instead, they measure the amount of radiant energy given off by objects in their surrounding environment.

Infrared sensors are critical components in today’s security systems. Designed to monitor and detect infrared radiation, an IR sensor captures the warm body temperature of people, animals and other objects through a series of photosensitive elements.

Infrared sensors are used in many different applications, such as constructing a building layout, testing and quality control, or even operations management. The sensors can be found in many places, including industry, machine tool repair and manufacturing facilities, kitchen appliances, industrial ovens, autonomous vehicles and drones.