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Time Switch

Time Switch

A time switch is a type of electric switch that controls the operation and duration of electric circuits which originate from mains power, low voltage equipment, or battery-operated equipment. A timer switch is powered by a mains circuit or battery pack.

A time switch is a special kind of electric timer that controls the opening and closing of a switch or an electrical circuit based on elapsed time. It may operate a relay or contactor with mains power, or low voltage such as operated by batteries.

Time switch is a device that controls the operation of a mechanical or electrical switch based on an interruption in current flow. The need for a time switch may be driven by considerations such as the type of circuit, system requirements and safety issues.

Timers are the heart of industrial control systems. A time switch utility can control the opening and closing of a power or electric circuit in response to time that is set by a clock or with a memory device. Timers typically have two or three functions that can be combined—often used together: