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Industrial Plug & Socket

Industrial Plug & Socket

A power plug is a terminal used to connect electrical equipment to the mains electricity supply. Power plugs are used in buildings and at other sites, where they are often labelled by their voltage (AC voltage) and current rating (10 or 20). Different standards of plugs and sockets are employed around the world.

Electrical plugs and sockets connect electric equipment to the alternating current (AC) mains in buildings and at other sites. The two kinds of plugs are male and female connectors, for example, electrical power plugs for wall sockets, lamp sockets and appliance sockets. Electrical sockets normally have two or three prongs which accept pins or blades on a plug.

Industrial plugs and sockets help to make the electric power supply to industrial sites easier, safer and more efficient. They provide connections between different types of electrical equipment such as switches, motors and transformers. The correct plug or socket type must be used when connecting an appliance or generator to a power source.

The Industrial Plug & Socket is a standard electrical connector used to connect electricity from an AC power source to electric equipment. It fits into standard AC sockets, providing protection against accidental damage and breakage in the event of an emergency. Rees Electrical stocks a complete range of Industrial Plugs and Sockets at competitive prices.