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Level Controller

Level Controller

Ground water is used in many homes and other public places. The water supply to these areas is controlled by electric motors, which are often connected to a battery. Since the pumps are used often, it is important that they be controlled in an efficient manner. This circuit will help minimize wastage of water and save energy at the same time.

In many homes and other public places, ground water is taken up to the top of the tank through pumps. Water tanks are often used to store clean water and treated sewage water is also used as a source of drinking water in some cities. It is important to avoid wastage of water because of global warming. The ground level controller takes care of this problem by automatically turning off the pumps when they are not required or required to provide less pressure on the level sensor placed at the base of each pool. In addition, it uses a relay that cuts off the power supply to the pump once it receives an alarm signal from the sensor placed on top.

This controller is intended for powering a water pump which keeps pumping the water when it is needed thus preventing wastage of water. Transistors, this circuit only depends on three components which are a relay, power supply, and a diode in order to turn off the power supply to the pump once its level in over head tank exceeds required amount.

A Ground water level controller has been developed to control electric motors used in pumping water from ground to overhead tanks. The well designed circuit is powered by a relay, which cuts off power supply to the water pump when required. It is tamperproof and light weight, providing easy installation and operation.