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SDF & Fuses

SDF & Fuses

Eaton B-Line series JIC panel enclosure, 11.42" height, 6.31" length, 9.79" width. Hinged cover. NEMA 4X. Summative rating of Frame - 8.3 (1-10) Summative rating of Door(s) - 7.2 (1-10) Summative rating of Welds - 7.4 (1-10) Identical to Eaton EBSF100 Panel Enclosure except for non-locking dust collection port door and non-locking drawer sides when used with a 2" wide side mounted office drawers feature option.

Eaton B-Line SDF Enclosures feature an innovative design and automatic safety control. They are designed to meet the critical power ring in new IEEE 802.3at, 10 GbE and 40 GbE applications.

B-Line SDF enclosures are designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of industrial, military, and commercial applications. Available in no-code and 2 code options, these SDF enclosures offer a three station automatic door with heavy duty hinges for maximum protection. The doors are welded from 16 gauge steel and are painted in a factory matched color of your choice. They feature an 11.42" air strip opening with a 1/2" air gap between units; a plastic molded cover with dent resistant acrylic panels that provide an operable form factor while maintaining excellent impact resistance; optional self tapping screws taps included; 8" deep side panels provide support for up to three sides at both ends; dust sealant gaskets and an on/off drain valve maintain tight seal integrity under extreme conditions; limited lifetime warranty available upon request.

The B-Line Series panel enclosures are designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications and offer a high degree of versatility. A combination of oil-resistant materials and smooth-glazed gaskets make them ideal for applications such as factory automation, data centers and power generation.