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The counter is a digital clock display with power on seconds push button, illuminated time, time and date display .It has the option of photo sensor , proximity , audio pulse , motion sensor and electromagnet sensor. It also has two relay outputs with 5 amp capacity each outputed.

Counter is a compact and highly versatile counter. It can be configured in various varieties to meet the needs of any application. Counter can be reset via front panel push button, or remotely via port J18 which enables on-site troubleshooting where no batteries are available. The built in memory retention facility will ensure that counting will resume even if power fails for brief periods during operation. Counter also features a function called Auto reset which remembers the last count it was set at, so that operations such as data collection purposes do not require manual resets.

The Counter is a modern, elegant and multipurpose fire alarm counter. It offers counter mode, with user-selectable mode options. The Counter can be used as an on-delay alerter or to shut off multiple appliances at once with the included remote. The Counter is made up of high quality components that are compact in size making it easy to install anywhere.