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Phase Failure Relay

Phase Failure Relay

Phase Failure Relays are used to monitor and protect 3 phase power supply circuits. They can be used to detect problems with a three phase supply or as a single phase monitoring relay. They are used on three phase supplies with or without Neutral and provide protection in the event of voltage loss, over voltages, and neutral loss.

A phase failure relay is a contactor used for monitoring an electric power system in order to detect problems such as failures between phases. Three phase failure relays can detect Phase Loss, Over Voltage, Under Voltage and Neutral Loss. The relay complements station monitoring relays which are used to control on-off loads or control devices such as transformers.

The Phase Failure Relay is designed to protect circuits from failure due to a three phase fault. A Phase Failure Relay monitors the phases in your distribution system and sends an alarm when either an AC line, neutral or two phases are lost. The unit also warns of incomplete phases, excessive voltage drop over temperature or under voltage conditions.

Designed to detect problems with a three-phase supply, Phase Failure Relays can detect conditions typically associated with single phase applications.