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Slot / Fork Sensor

Slot / Fork Sensor

Slot sensors are widely used in industrial environment for detection of objects. They are composed by slot with grids which detect deviations from the set slot and provide feedback to control the motor drive mechanism.

Due to their flexibility and easy installation, slot sensors are an ideal solution for various applications such as industrial robotics, pallet sorting and many other processes.

Sturdy, high-performance slot sensors with increased application flexibility. The precise contact and soft rubber bushings ensure high accuracy and long lifespan

Slot sensors, which have a slot in their shape, and slot grids, on which the slots are arranged in a grid pattern—are most often used for detecting objects of all kinds on vibrating and oscillating conveyors.

We are offering slot sensor, which is mainly used for detecting objects on vibrating and oscillating conveyors. It has a through-beam sensor design and can work in the current direction of motion.

In the slot and slot grid sensors, objects are detected according to the same principle as in thru-beam sensors, but with a few additional advantages. The slot or grid sensor is mounted on the vibrating part of a conveyor and the detection axis is oriented in a direction opposite from that of the normal axis of rotation and perpendicular to it.