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Capacitive switches

Capacitive switches

Capacitive switches are sensitive to changes in capacitance rather than resistance or continuity and are used for touch-controlled electrical appliances.

Capacitive switches are a type of touch-controlled electrical switch that operate by measuring changes in capacitance. Capacitive switches can be used to turn devices on and off, or change some aspect of their behavior like brightness, volume or even input modes.

Capacitive switches are touch-activated devices that detect changes in capacitance when you push or touch them. Capacitive switches can be used as an alternative to mechanical switches and touchscreen devices such as resistive touchscreens and capacitive touchscreens.

Capacitive switches are touch-controlled electrical switches that operate by measuring change in capacitance. They normally use a touch sensor that detects the voltage change caused by an object’s physical proximity to the switch. A capacitive switch displays a light or makes a noise when touched, providing visual and audible cues that allow users to easily find the switch location. Capacitive switchers operate on DC signals and typically sense contact closure .