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RCCB are internationally recognized for its innovative design, compliant with the highest international standards. Our submersible RCCBs provide a complete protection to human life from electrical shock and fire caused due to current leakage.

RCCBs are a type of electrical device that protects people from shocks from currents other than direct current (DC) and in the case of fire, electricity. It is important to be protected by a RCCB as outlets and sockets are not available all the time and you can get shocked from voltage fluctuations.

RCCB manufactures complete range of RCCBs like special safety switch box, relay box, fuse box and fuse terminal block. It covers the requirements of Art. 436(2) of the Electrical Induction Products Safety Code 2012. All products are CSA certified in accordance with the requirements given in CAN/ULC-S4406.

Revolvere Cable Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high quality cables, high quality electrical wire and accessories as well as cable glands. Revolvere Cable Corporation, has a team of highly skilled experts to provide customized solutions that meet the needs of our clients, in terms of designing, manufacturing and supplying cables and accessories under the brand name “Revolvere”.