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Digital Timer

Digital Timer

Digital Timer or Timers are electronic devices that keep track of time. Digital timers can be used to either trigger a specific action, or simply set timer for a predetermined amount of time. There are various types of digital timers and functions depending on the use case, ranging from hardware-based (i.e. products with batteries) to software-based, smart applications for smartphones and tablets.

Digital timers can vary depending on their function and range. Some may be programmable while others may be fixed at a set internal time and function. In addition to the number and type of functions, these devices differ in terms of time range settings.

Digital Timer devices can be very useful in timing a process or event. Digital timers are available in the form of stopwatches and time reserves to allow you to measure time.

Digital timers are devices that help you keep track of timing. You may use them to trigger an action or wait a predetermined amount of time before taking an action, or both. They typically have a variety of functions including display, interruption and countdown settings, start or stop countdown function or even monitoring several timers at once.