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Multipole Connectors

Multipole Connectors

The Multipole Connectors are designed to be used in confined spaces. They are available in 2.5, 4 & 6 sq.mm sizes and have screw clamping action allowing them to be pulled through narrow channels easily. The connectors can be used as free floating plates or panel mounted terminal blocks enabling you to create custom cable layouts straight from the start. Every set comes complete with 12 separate strips that can be cut into combinations of smaller number of poles for flexible applications.

The Star Multipole Connectors are ideal for the installation of cable in small and medium size panels. The individual strips are available in standard 12-pole configurations and can be easily cut into smaller numbers of poles, which makes them ideal for any application where you need to combine multiple lengths or sizes of cables as an assembly. The terminals measure 2.5mm tall, have 1.5mm end holes & these strip connectors fit m2 or m3 screw heads."

The Multipole Connectors are ideal for use in high density applications such as GSM, 2G, 3G and 4G base station cabinets. The Multipole Connectors feature tubular screw clamps and wire protectors which are actuated by a screw. They can be used as free floating connectors or as panel mounted terminal blocks.

The Multi-Pole connector is a simple and effective solution for making backplane and patch panel connections. These connectors can be used in small spaces where other types of connectors would not fit. They are ideal for applications such as network wiring, medical equipment and audio systems where space is at a premium.