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A socket is the device on an electrical equipment where you can connect your bulb or plug. A socket connects to the power supply of a wall and allows electric current to flow from an outlet through the wires that connect to it, allowing you to light your lamp or plug in.

A socket is a connection point on an electrical device, where you can plug in or attach a lamp or another part of the system. A socket can be similar to a light switch or outlet, depending on the device and its intended use.

Plug-Sockets are a unique and versatile tool that allows you to safely attach your lamp to the wall, saving space and making it easy to move.

Plug-socket is an exact copy of your original equipment. It is compatible with all your equipment, so that you can use them without any problems. This socket replaces the one on your electrical appliance or device easily and quickly. It's easy to install and works perfectly every time!