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Digital Meter

Digital Meter

Digital meters, or digital voltmeters, are devices that measure quantities other than voltage. These digital instruments convert current or resistance measurement signals into voltage signals by using appropriate electrical circuits.

Digital meters are electronic devices that measure current and resistance. They do not directly measure voltage, but they contain appropriate circuits to convert signals into voltage.

Digital meter is the additional product which provides an interface between a digital circuit and an analog output. It includes an electronic device used to measure electricity or other parameters by converting voltage into digital data, which can be stored in memory or transmitted over cables or radio waves. In this way, digital meters can be used to determine the amount of current flowing through a circuit as well as its quality.

Digital meters designed to measure quantities other than voltage are in fact digital voltmeters that contain appropriate electrical circuits to convert current or resistance measurement signals into voltage signals. They are used for measuring the electric potential of a system, so called Voltmeter. The accuracy of any digital meter is determined by its ability to do accurate measurements on small signal voltages and currents